About Us

About Us

Green World Network West Africa Limited ( Greenworld Farms) is a thriving commercial Agricultural business and part of a chain of businesses founded in 2010, The company was fully registered in 2013 as a commercial Agricultural business to meet specific market needs created by the middle income strata in the economy, favorable Pro Agriculture policy of the African economy, and  the world at Large, and we have a specific hunger to reach the nations through the MINISTRY OF BUSINESS

” we currently run a graduate trainee scheme for young entrepreneurs and hope to develop this into a full fledged PRIVATE AGRICULTURAL INSTITUTE FOR YOUNG GRADUATES ENTREPRENEURS, GWF is registered to operate over all of West Africa states.

Green World farms was a primarily family owned operation. But shareholding has been diversified over the years, Shareholding is fully Nigeria  And produces  Tomatoes, Cucumbers,  Pepper, Water melon fruits to supermarkets across Nigeria using the Israeli  Greenhouses technology . We also set up Greenhouse Commercially viable GREENHOUSE FARMS as TURNKEY projects for other farms across Nigeria as consultants. And we currently have 5 projects at various stages of completion across 3 states Lagos, Oyo and Ogun states and the list is increasing. We are here to embrace the technology of Aquaphonics and Hydrophonics to increase production, and increase efficiency

Greenworld Network West Africa Limited is an Agricultural and Agro-processing Company with interest in operating in the Food and Beverages sector of the economy. The business operates as a commercial Agricultural and Agro processing company, with a view to import state of the art technology and know how which would be adapted and transferred to other small scale farmers in The Nation under our ESTA (ENTREPRENEURAL START UP TRAINING AND EMPOWERMENT) programme we   engage in holistic commercial farming ( Arable crops Cassava, vegetables, maize etc} commercial plantation (cocoa and palm tree, and Citrus} Animal Husbandry (piggery), Cattle and Poultry.

Our partners

Top Services (Israel), Amiran farmers (Kenya), Dizzengoff West Africa, Songhai Farms Porto Novo, YWAM – U.S.A ( Greenhouse installation and management, Hydrophonics, and Aquaponics farming)

Current Projects

Projects are ongoing in JB farms Odogbolu Ogun state, Massagana Farms Loburo Ogun state, Florish Farms – Shomeke Ogun state, Debostin Farms – Ogudu Lagos,  on commercial tomato production in green houses to ensure all year production. With the exception of the greenhouse structure, processes and raw materials for the production of our products are sourced and prepared in Nigeria.

Currently we are on the brink of penetrating a lucrative market in a rapidly-growing economy. The current trend towards an increase in the number of entrepreneurs and competition amongst existing companies presents an opportunity for Greenworld Network West Africa Limited to penetrate the market.


Our products are of extremely high quality to ensure customer satisfaction, supported by impeccable service to our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibilty

Our primary goal will be to use our resources to benefit our immediate environment who are our primary beneficiaries of all our programmes . As we grow and prosper, these communities will continue to benefit from both the value created by . Greenworld Network West Africa Limited under our CSR – We currently provide Portable borehole water to every community we operate

We have trained more than 10 graduates under our ESTA Entrepreneurial programmers and got them employed after the 6 -12 months training

Training Service

We train graduates twice a year on our scholarship programmer and we also train interested investors twice a year


Greenworld Network West Africa Limited started with the production of Cassava for processors and maize for Large end users like poultry farmers, the company has expanded to the production of high quality Tomatoes and vegetables for supply to supermarkets all over Nigeria, including shoprite and others, using the Israeli based technology (Greenhouse) which produces high quality healthy tomatoes all year round,, we however plans to introduce Water Mellon, carrots, and couget These products will then be processed to improve their shelve life and increase income and aid further production of other finished products like beverages, vitamins and minerals, (health beverages), starch, glucose, Neem Oil, Bio-Pesticide, Azadirachtin and Garri. These products shall be extensively distributed to remote, yet extremely viable areas where the market is appreciative of readily available, good quality beverage drinks.

Currently, the demand for our products especially tomatoes of our grade and quality exceeds the supply hence the need for Greenworld Network West Africa Limited to be flexible and responsive, to delight customers by providing them with what they want, when they want it, which necessitates expansion and further investments

Our markets will be segmented as follows, the corporate and working class who appreciate good quality products. The working class or middle class and those in the rural areas will not be left out as they  can also access products from the farm gate, also we are looking at have distribution point for appointed distributors and retailers across the country in the long run