Vision & Mission

Our objective

Our business strategy will revolve around the need to provide top quality products, continuous learning and research and technical partnership with top commercial agricultural farming entities all over the world, we currently are in partnership with dizzengoff west Africa, Amiran farmers Israel and Kenya, and Shonghai farms Porto novo Benin republic, on research, exchange of staff, training and research programs and this is the driver of our high quality control standards and technological innovations, as well as the recruitment of a professional production and sales team.


“To become one of Africa’s top 5 commercial farm and no 1 private farming institute”


“We will use our natural resources supported by the best technology and principles to produce high quality affordable agricultural products, create value chain income through exports, empower the youth of the nation through learning and, impact the Nigerian economy positively and profitably”

Company Summary

Greenworld Network West Africa Limited , is a wholly owned Agricultural and services company incorporated in Nigeria on 20TH May 2013 with , RC657187. The company currently owns and operates the following farms:

  Head office/ Sale and marketing, 29b GOC Close off  Adesida Road Iyaganku GRA Ibadan

  Research Farm : 37 acres of Maize (5) and cassava 5, Citrus 1, and Pawpaw plantation 1, piggery and tomato green houses, cattle ranch and piggery  on 5 acres

  Plantation 1: Proposed Plantain Plantation on 55.5 Acres  along Ikereku road Ibadan

  Plantation 2: 75.5 acres of Cocoa and palm tree plantation which will soon be fully commercialized as new breed of palm trees for palm oil processing in Nigeria.

Management & Staff

Management includes 5 shareholders 3 of which are board members, one is a majority shareholder. Executive team experience includes 110 years combined executive business management experience, pastoral experience, 22 years in corporate finance.

1 Executive Chairman, 1 Vice–Chairman, COO, 1 farm manager, 1 accountant,  1 agronomist, 3 graduate assistance, 3 supervisors- 1 for each of the 3 locations, and laborers